Friday, November 9, 2012


I love this store.

The uniqueness of the product, the styling and merchandising, the name, the fact that there is an outlet in back!  Everything.

A few pics from a trip to the store about a month ago.  I'm sure it is now brimming with beauties for Christmas and thus, another excuse to go back!

See Mr. Horsey in front? He came home with me.  Actually, it was his 3-legged cousin that I found in the outlet area in back.  But nothing a little wood glue and sanding can't fix ....and way cheaper!

These gigantic cloches were scattered throughout the store.  These are great for pulling together a collection, showing off a special heirloom, to "greenhouse" a plant or herb, or for creating drama with multiples like they used in the store to create a visual runner down the middle of a table.

More the BIG ones!

Wisteria is located across from Love Field Airport at 6500 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas, TX and check out  Wisteria's webpage.

Current promotions include free gift with every order through November 23rd.