Sunday, October 2, 2011

French ...Ooh, la, la

Imagine the thrill when I was doing research on a newly acquired re-sale shop chair to find that it looked very similar to a Ballard's chair.  Here is the Ballard's chair called Louis at $329.  

Louis XVI style has fluted, slim, straight legs usually topped with a square box with carving inside.  The style usually has classical motifs like colums and is never free form. 
My "new" chair is in great condition. 

When purchasing a gently-worn chair, I always check for its wiggle factor.  You know, does it wiggle and shimmy when you sit on it or push on its back? This one was strudy as an ox!  The upholstery had definitely seen better days and was in a weird shade of peach.  I would find when striping the upholstery off (a million tacks later), that the cushioning was still in tact, in great condition and had an even loft.  I plan to paint the wood a gray color with glazing on top.  I'm on the fence about the upholstery...either the Amy Butler floral or the Chevron.

Can't wait to see how it turns out - will post the after picture when the project is completed!

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