Tuesday, October 25, 2011

White..nuff said!


White couch, white chairs, white walls - black and orange pops of color.


White stairs, white couch, white walls contrasted with dark wood floor.


White bedspread, lamp, art and mirror contrasted with touches of grey and natural tones.

I love the look of an all or mostly white room.  Crisp, clean, classic, comfortable, pristine, ethereal, elegant....all these words come to mind.  Pause.  Ok....I have kids, dog, hubbie...all of which would not do well in an all white room.  So if you're like me and love the look, but practicality takes over...why not infuse a pop of white to get some of the feel that these all white rooms possess? 

Here are a few of my favorite looks for bringing a little white into a room.

White slip covered furniture is always an option, easy to take off and wash when the spots and spills arise.  This chaise from Ikea is a great look (I am thinking about this one for my office)!

White walls, white couch with pops of color like orange and red and dark furniture pieces.

White wall of frames!

White lamps!

White towels, shower curtain, mirror and vanity top with dark grey on walls and dark vanity base.

Gorgeous white dresser refinished and used as a sofa table.

(All photos sourced from Pinterest)

These are some great ways to infuse the crispness of white in any room - maybe just a little less than some of us had hoped for!!!

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