Monday, October 31, 2011

Paint Palooza and other random things

Happy Halloween!!!  Mondays are traditionally my day to get things done.  Besides the usual chores and scheduling to-do's like bathe the dog <done>, call for paint recycling pick up <done>, reschedule dentist appointments <done>, three loads of laundry <done>, crock pot dinner <done>, bills <done>, I deemed today spray paint day.

Here are a few of the current takers for a new coat of fabulous!

I'm thinking some greys, maybe my favorite teal and an orange I have been wanting to try.  I even found a few more pieces to paint after this picture was taken.

Have I told you that spray paint is the best invention ever?  Tips to remember when spray painting = use a good spray primer before painting and let it adequately dry.  Your primer allows for better adhesion of your paint to an object and will allow you to skip the step of sanding.  Take your time and use the right distance so there are no drips or globs.  Then, do a couple of coats of quality spray paint with plenty of drying time between coats.  The key is take your time, spray evenly, use the appropriate distance from your object to prevent over spraying and drips and of course read the directions on the can.  Unfortunately, there is not a huge selection of spray paint colors but it is improving and manufacturers have created some interesting lines that have different textures and metal finishes.  I will post the finished products when they are all dry and in their proper place.

Random #1
Are you HomeGoods happy?  My favorite store on the planet...I have actually even gotten my kids hooked on taking a trip with me every once and a while.  It is definitely the type of place where you need to visit often, because inventory changes frequently.  If you see something you love, you better get it then, because it may not be there when you get back.

Here's my latest treasure!!!  A linen, tufted round ottoman.  She's a gem isn't she?  So cute and puffy!  I had been looking for an ottoman to place in front of my grandma's arm chairs in the family room so folks could prop up their feet and stay a while.  I have a lot of angles and square furniture in the family room (couch, coffee table, entertainment center) and so I was definitely looking for a round ottoman, which turned out to be harder than thought.  But I finally found one and she was only $59. 

Random #2
My sources for all the re*furbished home furnishings and decorative pieces are resale shops and antique malls.  Here is my latest stash of great finds waiting to be re*furbished.  I am still thinking of what to do with it all.  The frames will be repainted, the chair needs a little tlc but has a great cane-back, and the keys I just couldn't resist!!

Hope your day is filled with the opportunity to get things done both random and planned!

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