Friday, April 13, 2012


Thank the Lord it is Friday.  I needed this day.  A day to get caught up, to not have to be somewhere, a day for new inspiration.

Of course, I get side-tracked.

I have a new obsession ...Instagram.  Have you tried this?   It is an application for your iPhone that helps you create unique images with the pictures you take using different filters.

Here's how it started.  My favorite coffee mug from a dear friend.   I especially like the filters that make your pics look "old-timey".

And then I couldn't stop...

Can't wait to try this out on the kids when they get home! 

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you find a few distractions of your own today.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Picking a Paint Color Help!

Picking a paint color can be a tricky proposition.  Especially when it involves a big area.  

I am in the process of repainting the downstairs living areas and it will all be one color.  Currently, I have Sherwin Williams Autumn Blond -  it's a great golden beige that has served as a perfect backdrop to our home's decor for 11 years now.  They don't list it as a color on their cards anymore but if you ask for Autumn Blond at SW ...chances are they can mix it for you.  It's a great color....but I am ready for a change!

I am looking for the perfect greige - a little grey and a little beige and I want it to be a warm neutral, not "cement dungeon gray".  I started by looking on-line for paint samples.  I usually go with Sherwin Williams paint but that is just a personal preference.   Several paint companies will categorize their paints by cool and warm, by collections and color.    It makes it easier for you to narrow down your choices.  Some even have applications that allow you to "try on" colors.   I have a paint chip deck so I looked thru that, magazines, Houzz and I love looking at the HGTV Dream House picks.  Sometimes, you might want to pick a paint color from something of inspiration in the room like a piece of art or a fabric.  I also look at friends houses that have recently painted and that is where I got the start on some of my color choices this time around.  Once, I find the colors I like I also do a Google search of the paint color name and see if pics pop up of whole rooms painted in that color.  This will give you a good idea of how the color will look all over a room.

Another hint - when looking at a paint sample card the colors graduate in saturation as you go down.  I look at the last color, the most saturated, this will tell me what color tone my choice will have predominantly.  Have you ever picked a taupe and then once you put on the wall it "reads" pink?  Or painted a gray, that "reads" green.  For instance, for my picks the last most saturated color has brown in it rather than gray or blue.  Unless, you understand color chemistry and ratios, this is a quick tip to help you determine what color your pick will "read" once on your walls.  I have found this especially helpful when you are looking at beiges, greys and blues.

So here are my narrowed down picks - what do you think?

SW7036 Accessible Beige

SW7038 Balanced Beige

SW 7031 Mega Greige

SW 7022 Alpaca

I know, I know greige is not very exciting....and these colors look almost identical but once I get them on sample boards I will be able to see the differences.

Next step, is to live with a few of the colors.  I get samples of 3-4 colors (narrow it down for yourself - it is costly to get a lot of samples and frankly too many choices may just confuse you).  I paint a decent size piece of foam core board a couple of coats of each sample.   You will want to see how the color does in different lights - natural sunlight, ambient light and at night.  So having it on a poster board allows you to move it around the room to test this out.  Advice I got from a professional painter - don't paint large samples directly on your wall in a visible area.  When it comes time to paint over those areas you may get some differentiation in the paint coverage as you are painting over darker or lighter colors.  The sample process is very important as it will save you money in the end by allowing you to pick the right color the first time.  

Hopefully, I can make a decision soon and post a newly painted, beautiful room!