Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This is an easy project to create gallery style photos for your home.  I used my iPhone camera and used the app called Instagram to take my kids photos.  I wanted a little natural sunlight but not full on, so I took the pictures under our huge red oak in back ...this is one awesome tree.  Have you tried Instagram before?

So I took several pics ....reviewed them to see which of the kids expressions were best and which two looked similar in light source, shadows, etc.  Telling my kids they didn't have to smile was fun ...and resulted in some interesting looks!

What is he looking at anyway?

I took a WHOLE bunch but I will refrain from posting all the goofiness!

I picked my two favorites..printed them on 8x10 photo paper.  Note, the Instagram picture setting I used did not print to the full size of 8x10 - you will see some white space in the finished product but I am ok with how it looks.

I found frames at Target that were already matted with the thick white mats.  They were $29.99.  Here's similar frames.  They allow for a 11x14 opening.

I wanted some extra dimension so I found some double gray mattes at Hobby Lobby for under $3 each.  They allowed for an 8x10 opening.  I used this method for a client project and I find the extra matting creates a crisp professional look.

I used painters tape to attach the mattes and pictures to each other on the back.  Every so often, I would check the front to see how it looked and make sure they were straight.  I'm sure there is some technical, mathematical, well-thought out way to make the matting process easier...but I didn't do it.

Here's the finished product on the wall, so happy with how they turned out! 

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