Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's feeling like Fall...ya'll

You may not know it yet....but I LOVE Fall.

The cooler weather, fall clothes (sweater, jeans and boots), candy corn, warm and yummy soups and casseroles (some of my favorite recipes), pumpkins, fall foliage, mums, Bailey's coffee, football...the list goes on.  The weather has been a little cooler the last few days and has me excited about my favorite season.

Speaking of...just made a family favorite recipe Baked Cheesy Chicken Penne that I pinned from Pinterest.  Here's the picture from her blog (hers is bound to be more photo friendly than any picture I could take).

The casserole is awesome...the original recipe calls for a double batch so it's great to eat one and freeze one or take one to a friend.  So if it's just for us, I usually half the recipe.

This time, I made some changes to suit my family's tastes ...and it was even MORE AwEsOmE!!!

I used wheat flour and pasta instead of regular, I used one part fat free half and half to one part 2% milk instead of whole milk, little brocolli florets instead of sun dried tomatoes ...and wait for it.....BACON!  We love BACON!  So I chopped up and browned some Turkey bacon and added that into the sauce.


I saw these at my local Walmart Market store and couldn't resist.  Target bag is only for show, HA:)

Hopefully, I will plant the mum before it dies ...I'm not exactly a green thumb.

Loved these little Tiger Striped Pumpkins I found at Walmart as well.

 Thought these would be cute for a little arrangement in the house.  

Bring on Fall ...I'm ready!

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