Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Have a bathroom mirror that looks like this?

You know, the builder grade slab of glass that has plastic attachments to keep it on the wall.  These mirrors have also been glued to the wall with tons of adhesive.  So if you are looking for a change and want to take it down ...two things 1. Figure out a way to dispose of the glass (no one wants it believe me, been there) and 2.  be prepared to do some patchwork to your drywall and wall texture when you remove it.

OR ...what if the mirror could look like this?

This is an easy solution to the builder mirror and it looks great.  You retain the benefit of having a huge mirror in the bathroom which suits practical needs and the added bonus of creating lots of reflective light.

It's a company called Mirror Mate Frames.  It seems to be an easy process - you measure your mirror using their worksheet and tutorials - place your order - they ship you the frame - you assemble the frame and press-on mirro to install ...that's right PRESS-ON to install.  Average cost for a 3x5 frame is around $200.  Not bad for not having to tear down & dispose of the old mirror and then to find a large enough mirror to replace it or worse yet the cost of having a custom mirror/frame made.

Here are more before and afters:

(All photos from Mirror Mates)

What do you think?  Wish I knew about this when I tore down the big mirrors from two of my bathrooms. YIKES. This would have been a much easier solution!

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