Saturday, January 14, 2012

TO DO 2012

Instead of doing a resolution list for 2012, I wanted to create a list of things I would actually do!!

What better list to make than the home projects that need to be completed in and around our home.  It will be a check-list of sorts.  Don't get me wrong...I need to lose weight, exercise more, sleep more, more fun stuff with the kids, read more books, draw and sew more, save more, menu plan...but these are on the list every year.  No matter what, I need to do more of each of those things whether its January or June! But a home project list will enable me to prioritize, flush some ideas out here on the blog and keep me accountable to at least attempt to get a few of them done.

Here it goes:

1.  Re-do Master bath - This one is long overdue - it looks so bad!  It's mainly our shower enclosure and tiling, but would like to get granite tops on the vanity area area too.  Here are some inspiration photos!!  So clean, crisp and totally functional.

 via Pinterest

 via Houzz

 via Houzz

2.  Stairs - Several spindles have become victims to my kids tag and Nerf gun games.  Hoping to replace the wood with iron, re-stain the wood of the railing and bottom step and would love to incorporate a rug pattern for the stairs.  Inspiration photo the idea of carpeting with a fun pattern like leopard.

via Pinterest

3. Flooring - this would be a combo of wood flooring in main living area and entry downstairs (looking for something dark), plus tiling for kitchen, laundry room and bathroom.  This is a tricky one, once you start on one portion of the downstairs flooring you kinda have to do it all.  Plus this one is a pretty penny or two to do.  Love these inspiration photos...

all via Pinterest

4. Landscaping - we cut down the big annoying, sappy, lots-of-leaves-all-times-of-year tree last Fall and trimmed up the big oaks.  Now I need grass and a few small trees (to replace the 80's manicured topiary pair) - the dry Texas summers are killing what little bit of green we do have.

5.  Drapes, drapes and more drapes.  I have two pairs of store bought drapes in all my downstairs - the rest will need to be custom.  They will be great though for adding a finished look to three rooms.  Love these photos ....

all via Pinterest

6.  Re-upholster my grandma's chairs that I was so excited to acquire.  I can't wait to to do this one.  It's funny how re-doing something old with little resale value, but tons of sentimental value, can cost twice as much as just buying new!  Here's my fabric choice and I'm thinking a silver nail head trim around the bottom and on the inset of the arms.

Worldwide Fabric

7.  Finish office.  Got started on this one and then work took me away.  Need organization, effective tools for storing fabrics, accessories, files, etc.  And somewhere to sit!!  This seems like a given but there is only an office chair in there nothing else.  And most of all something pretty...because I like pretty places.  Love these offices....

 via Pinterest

I think this loveseat would be perfect for getting some work done or so one of the kids can hang out in there with me.

And then there's the this and that entry rug, pillows to make in master, rearrange kids rooms, light fixtures, fans...the list goes on and on doesn't it???  But I just checked one off the list ...check out the gorgeous rug I just bought for the entry!  So excited to see it - hope its perfect!

What are your plans for 2012?  Did ya make a list? :)

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