Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favorite Things Party!

Recently hosted a Favorite Things Party for some girls in the 'hood.  I got the idea off of Pinterest here.

What's a Favorite Things party?  It's a party based on the premise of Oprah's favorite things show, but nobody was giving away TV's, cars, trips for this party...bummer!  Instead, it's a party to share your favorite things with a few friends and it was a BLAST!

Here's how it works.  Each person brings 5 of one of their favorite things priced around $6 each.  That averages about a $30 expense per person.  Some people brought two small things.  When the girls get to the party each person writes their name 5 times on sheets of paper provided at the party and place them in a bowl.  You keep your items hidden from the group until it is your turn to go.  When it's time for the reveal, you go around the room and each person, one at a time shows their favorite thing.  They then draw 5 names (not drawing their own name or one person twice).  These 5 people get your favorite thing!  Each girl goes home with 5 new favorite things.

Here are some pics from the party.  We had 9 girls attend.  The table was set up with a Favorite Things bag for each guest to carry home their goodies.  It was a brown paper bag tied up with string ...these are a few of my favorites things - think Sound of Music and you can sing along too!

Each guest also took home a small Swag Bag - these were a few little favorite things of mine - gum, journal, EmergenC and Propel drink mix.

I served some of my favorite things... Wine of course, small yellow cupcakes with a bit of chocolate frosting, cream puffs with chocolate drizzle, Raspberry Chipotle sauce over cream cheese, bruschetta, a tart made with herbed goat cheese, pancetta and covered with balsamic salad, tray of olives, hummus and pita chips. 

Here were some of the items brought.  It was a good variety and fun to see what people liked and why it was their favorite thing.
Starbucks gift card, Dove, socks, wine, lip gloss, pens recycled from water bottles, Bliss cream, post-it notes, mini-bundt cakes, socks, hand towels, strawberry tool and kitchen scissors to name a few.

A big hit was this strawberry stem puller tool called a Stem Gem.

And the mini-bundt cakes - YUM!
and a Pinot Grigio Wine Cube!

We had a couple of people bring 5 different favorite things - note to self to be more descriptive in evite explanation.  But this ended up being fun too and we talked about next time trying to bring 5 different favorite things per person!

Here were my favorite things - Febreeze (I should own stock in this company!) and Judy Havelka Birthday Cake scented candle (also called Allure) - these soy candles are the best.  I put the candle out and it made the kitchen smell wonderful without EVEN lighting it!

The party was a hit and a definite "to do again" party theme.

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