Monday, March 19, 2012

Relaxing, Elegant, Light-filled Master Make-over

A beautiful bedroom in a custom home was in need of a fresh and light-filled make-over.  The home owner's wanted to lighten up the room (less of the wood tones and dark fabrics) and to create a calming environment with soft colors and luxurious textures.  The key was bringing in soft textiles, minimal accessories, lots of reflective surfaces and cool colors.  We needed to keep many of the current items in the room - wall color, window treatments, chaise, desk, jewelry chest, armoire and side pieces.  We were also able to use some of the home owner's pieces that were in other parts of the house or the attic.  Here is how my latest project turned out - it was such a fun make-over!


Ready for the Install:


We added a bold, silver mirror above the bed to add to the vertical of a long wall.  New bedding and custom pillows.  A new custom arched, upholstered and tufted headboard is on the way.  The homeowners wanted a softer, plush look with the new bedding and the new headboard will definitely add to that look.  But in the meantime, the homeowners current headboard looks great too!

Rearranged the seating area, by using homeowners beautifully upholstered cheetah print chaise, jewelry chest, floor lamp and side table.  Added a custom pillow with accent colors on the chaise to match the bedding.  Moved the jewelry chest against the wall of windows and added artwork to match the new color scheme.  Created a corner vignette and relaxing lounging area - perfect spot for reading or Words with Friends!

Newly re*invented armoire with fresh paint, antiquing glaze and refinished hardware.  Looks like a totally new piece and helps to lighten up the room.  We placed the armoire along the other long wall creating balance across from the bed.

Home owner's pedestal found in the attic served as the perfect place for a new rattan vase filled with the home owner's willow branches to help soften the corner of the armoire as you enter the room.  New frames to showcase home owner's family photos add extra interest to a previously empty wall.

Lightened up the home owner's bedside chest with white-washed candlesticks, new frame and small silver bowl.  Refinished home owner's clock from an oxidized bronze to a silver finish.  She loves clocks and wanted one on her side of the bed - rather than buying a new one we were able to re-use this one with a new look.  Replaced current knobs on wooden dresser with glass beveled knobs to match the knobs in master bathroom.

Other bedside table is for the man of the house.  I made a new table skirt, antiqued the glass top for a more rustic look.  Added frame, orchid and some of the home owner's unique collectibles. 

Desk area was moved against the short wall.  I refinished the mirror which was previously a dark red and gold to a silver finish.  Brought in a Parsons chair which I made a slipcover for.  Added a mirrored tray to the home owner's perfume bottle collection to make the bottles sparkle.  Added a few other accessories and a new lamp.

There were several projects completed in this make-over: sewing, painting, re*inventing and refinishing.  More details about each of those projects coming soon!

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